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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

The experience is everything. Why choose The Ultimate Travel Company? Because we use our experience to create yours.

So whether you want to commune with mountain gorillas in Rwanda, or cruise past cathedral-sized icebergs in the Arctic, or take a private tour through Europe’s most prestigious art galleries…we can arrange it. Perfectly. Down to the last detail. Because we’ve already experienced it ourselves.

Which means that talking to one of our 40 specialists about a destination is like knowing someone who lives there. We'll show you the places you’d never have found without our inside knowledge; the secret beaches, the real culture, the restaurants the locals use.

But we don’t just help you realise your dream itinerary or tailor-make a dream journey for you. We’re also in daily touch with our regional partners across the world. People who have the professionalism and local knowledge to guide on the ground; making sure your holiday is the ultimate travel experience.

Travelling for 30 years  

Our directors have also been on quite a journey. They’ve worked in the world-wide travel and hotel industry all their lives. Nick Van Gruisen was a professional guide in Botswana and Southern Africa. Martin Thompson managed leading hotels in Kenya. Rowan Paterson organised wildlife trips and treks through the Himalayas.

Back in England they created The Ultimate Travel Company - a specialised, privately-owned travel company with far-reaching expertise and a personal touch. Which means our directors now journey into the office on a day-to-day basis, bringing their dedication and inspiration with them.

The Ultimate difference

  • The experience to help enhance your itinerary - or tailor-make you an entire journey
  • Expert local knowledge and regional, on-the-ground guides so you enjoy the ultimate experience
  • Personalised, budget-centric journey planning and attention to detail
  • Specialists in long distance luxury holidays, European breaks, wildlife safaris, cruises, beach and adventure vacations, special occasions and family holidays
  • Responsible tourism, sustaining local culture, wildlife habitats and eco-systems
  • Substantial donations to regional charitable initiatives

If circumstances change drastically, you're safe. All our holidays and flights are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. We are members of ABTA (The Association of British Travel Agents) meaning the moment you book your money is protected. During circumstances beyond our control - like ash clouds – we’ll be there with you, offering advice and making alternative plans on your behalf, 24/7.

Treading carefully   

As travellers we don’t have to be conspicuous consumers. There’s now an encouraging number of countries – we work directly with them – that fund habitat preservation and wildlife conservation via the travel industry.

It’s often called ‘Intelligent’ tourism. We tend to think that maintaining fragile eco-systems, treating local people decently and creating sustainable practices is plain common sense. So all our regional partners are part of our Ethical Code. We reward high standards of service with fair treatment, and we’re directly involved with initiatives like the Social Change and Development tree-planting programmes in India, that help offset our carbon footprint.

Charity begins abroad  

Sometimes charity is definitely like pulling teeth! For the last five years we’ve run a dental aid programme which has relived the sufferings of thousands of Kenyans.

We look at it this way. We believe that if you visit someone’s home it’s only polite to take along a small gift.

So we fund fresh water wells for families in Cambodia. We’ve built schools in Peru, Nepal, South Africa, Uganda and Cambodia. We’ve sponsored further education in Kenya and make substantial donations to Amantani. In India we help fund Impact’s Lifeline Express train that tours the countryside restoring sight, treating hearing loss and helping cleft palate sufferers.

Once you’ve truly experienced a country, you can’t not become involved. You can take part by making a £10 donation, which we’ll match.

The highest recommendation  

Actually the best reason to travel with us isn’t what we say. It’s what our customers say. 70% of them either return again and again or recommend us to their friends. And we receive any number of unsolicited ‘thank you’ letters from delighted travelers.

Proof that the experience is everything.

If you’d like to discuss any details of your journey, or our company, please phone your consultant, or call Nick Van Gruisen on 0207 386 4646.

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Want to be the first to know?

Sign up to our regular travel e-newsletter, where our experts will send you the latest insider ultimate travel news. We'll never share your details with any other organisations.

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