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The Independent: Nova Scotia - small, but big on adventure

The Independent: Nova Scotia - small, but big on adventure

Sarah Barrell of The Independent discovers the wild rivers, rugged landscapes and fabulous food of Nova Scotia, on a holiday designed by our Canada specialists Bridge and Wickers.

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Quote: "The "Shubie" opens on to the Bay of Fundy, home to the world's highest recorded tides, which, in about 15 minutes, will funnel a bore wave down the river's narrow channel at about 18 miles an hour"

Quote: "Our skipper, Amber, is reverent about this tidal respiration. "I love brown water! It's so much more unpredictable than white rapids." I begin to wonder what all the fuss is about. Seconds later we plough into the oncoming swell and it's abundantly clear what the fuss is"

Quote: "Amber expertly rolls us into the oncoming waves and, having released our inner child, ends the ride at the steep banks of a muddy creek where we belly-slide into the water and chuck handfuls of sludge at one another"

Quote: "From whale-rich waters and Celtic villages in the northern highlands of Nova Scotia to the vibrant, even edgy, culture of its capital, Halifax, down to the blond sand beaches of the south, this Atlantic province is culturally hard to pin down"

Quote: "On the same latitude as Bordeaux, the province also produces award-winning wines"

Quote: "At the Lobster Pound, I select a wriggling crustacean from a rudimentary tank, which is promptly cooked to order and served on the dockside deck"

Quote: "In season, a fisherman's family sees very little of them for months on end. Or, as many of the local history books in the Pound's shop attest, they're never seen again"

Quote: "After an indulgent five-course supper we grab torches and head to the river's landing deck to stargaze under the guidance of Michael Holland, Trout Point's resident astronomist"

Quote: "Later that morning, I make my way deeper into the heart of "Keji", along the narrow, forest-fringed channels of the Mersey River. In a couple of weeks' time, this red maple flood plain will be ablaze with autumn colours"

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Featured In: The Independent Online

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