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Being a student of art is a never-ending preoccupation. No-one can know everything, but having an acknowledged expert accompany your Art Tour will take you so much further.

In Amsterdam, we can introduce you to Rembrandt himself. A self portrait so expressive you’ll feel you’ve already met the man in some previous life.

In Andalucia, 800 years of Moorish art awaits. In Milan its Leonardo. In Italian hill towns lie the origins of the Renaissance. In Russia, the vast collections of the Tsars surpass everything.

Our escorted art tours cross continents, transcend cultural boundaries and travel through time from cave paintings to the most contemporary modern art,

Yet they all offer you one thing in common. The company of highly knowledgeable art historians and connoisseurs whose insight, background knowledge and perceptions will heighten your appreciation and enrich your experience.

For the full picture, browse the tours listed below.

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