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Luxury Holidays to Africa - The Ultimate Travel Company

Luxury Holidays - Africa

Hot, vibrant, massive, wild and luxurious. It’s the birthplace of mankind...and time you returned there.

Perhaps you won’t discover your roots, but you will find a land with huge dimensions and even bigger contrasts.

The dry plains of Tanzania, with great herds of elephants and wildebeest…lush tropical islands with world class hotels off the coast of Kenya. Tracts of luxuriant rainforest in Rwanda …the spectacular, shifting deserts of Namibia.  The swamps of Botswana…and mountain-dwelling gorillas in Uganda. Sophisticated South African cities…and remote villages in the Zambian bush. 

Use this website to explore just some of the possibilities presented by Africa. Then talk to our expert Consultants about the places that are calling you.

  • Botswana

    From flooded delta to desert, Botswana is virtually a continent within a country.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Botswana - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Ethiopia

    Little known and little visited but it is an extraordinary country with superb scenery.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Ethiopia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Kenya

    White beaches and the ever-inviting Indian Ocean. Stupendous lodges and camps.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Kenya - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Madagascar

    Strange and wonderful wildlife.150,000 endemic species of flora and fauna. And a wide variety of cultures and tribes...

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Madagascar - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Malawi

    The astounding Lake Malawi, nine parks and wildlife reserves, Mount Mulanje, tea plantations and wonderfully welcoming locals...

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Malawi - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Mozambique

    Visit Mozambique now. It’s unknown, unspoilt and unlikely to remain a secret for very much longer.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Mozambique - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Namibia

    Desolate, spiritual, hauntingly beautiful. Not normal ‘holiday’ words but Namibia is not a normal holiday country.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Namibia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Rwanda

    Gorillas are truly impressive. But so is the accessibility of Rwanda’s wildlife and its beautiful habitat.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Rwanda - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • South Africa

    South Africa is the continent’s richest country. Rich in gold, diamonds, wildlife, scenery…

    View countryLuxury Holidays to South Africa - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Tanzania

    If you want to actually track the wildebeest migration, it has to be in Tanzania.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Tanzania - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Uganda

    Come face-to-face with wild gorillas and experience your own Attenborough moment.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Uganda - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Zambia

    For the sheer diversity of wildlife safaris, plus the awesome Victoria Falls, nowhere beats Zambia.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Zambia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Zanzibar

    After the ultimate safari…retire to a historic island where time stands still and the beaches beckon.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Zanzibar - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Zimbabwe

    From guides who can track leopard through the bush, to the mighty spectacle of Victoria Falls.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Zimbabwe - The Ultimate Travel Company

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