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Luxury Holidays - Australia

With its endless sunshine, glorious beaches, extensive coral reef, weird wildlife, stunning variety of landscapes and cosmopolitan cities you’d expect Australia to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Actually, it’s a many-times-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ask Jeremy Webster, one of our Australia experts, to build you a tailor-made holiday to Oz and his tailored itinerary will take you through the ‘Themes of Australia’: The cultured cities, easily linked by air. The 21,000 miles of coastline with over 7000 beaches. The outback rich in outlandish landscapes and Aboriginal history. And wildlife that took its own evolutionary path.

Australia is a country of superlatives. It has the Earth’s largest living structure, the Great Barrier Reef. It has Fraser Island – the world’s biggest sand island. It offers (if you’re truly intrepid) swimming with whale shark or croc-spotting in the wetlands of the Kakadu National Parks. It has fairy penguins and giant marsupials, wombats, wallabies and a wild assortment of crazy birds.

Australia also has vast, scrubby deserts, untouched rainforests, towering red rock escarpments…and must-sees like Sydney Harbour, the sacred Aboriginal site of Uluru and the Barrier Reef. Plus, for sports fans; the Ashes, the Australia Grand Prix and the Australian Open.

Talk to Jeremy. He’ll tune in to your individual ‘Australian Themes’ and recommend you concentrate on three or four of its highpoints, so you spend time enjoying them thoroughly. And then come back many times over.

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