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Luxury Holidays - Panama

Panama is famous for its hats and its canal. The first may be useful on the beaches and islands, the second is a highlight on any tailor-made holiday to this fascinating country.

The Panama Canal is as interesting to sail as it is historic. Cruise any distance along it and you’ll find yourself wondering how such a narrow ribbon of water sparked a revolution and gave birth to a country. The answer, of course, is that it cut 8,000 miles off the sea journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and saved sailing around the notorious Cape Horn.

But there is much more to the Panama Peninsula than the canal. Talk to Sara Willis, one of our expert consultants, and she’ll tailor you a holiday that could well include watching mating humpback whales, and bottle-nosed and spotted dolphin playing in the Pacific. Or seeing turtles on the wonderful beaches of La Marinera and Isla Cana. Or spotting fabulous birds in the Sovereignty National or Friendship International parks.

You could even take a cable car ride through the rainforest to views the birds and wildlife of Gamboa.

Sara can also tell you about the Kuna Indians of the San Blas Islands, the nightlife of Colon and when to visit to experience the spectacle of Mardi Gras.

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