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Luxury Holidays to Europe, Russia, & Central Asia - The Ultimate Travel Company

Luxury Holidays - Europe, Russia, & Central Asia

Europe stands at the heart of the civilised world. The recognised hub of art, fashion, architecture and industrial revolution. The continent that has done more than any other to shape planet Earth.

Open a map of Europe and you’re opening up a whole world of possibilities. A world of diversity and an unrivalled richness of experiences. A world full of extraordinary European holidays.

Ask our team of Europe holiday experts to recommend an itinerary – an escorted tour in Europe or luxury European holidays – and we can show you a Europe that takes you far beyond the usual ‘quick trip to the Continent’.

Looking at the map, you may not be able to decide where Europe finishes. But it begins right here.

  • Armenia

    Prepare to visit a place where you’ll have time to relax and let your spirit breathe.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Armenia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Austria

    Step inside a world of great art, incomparable music, dancing horses, fantastic castles and Alpine scenery.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Austria - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Bosnia-Hercegovina

    Take an escorted tour – with an expert guide – and explore unspoiled Bosnia-Hercegovina; where East meets West in an entrancing combination.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Bosnia-Hercegovina - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Croatia

    One place you’ll find contrasts and surprises, peace and quiet, medieval cities and dreamlike landscapes…

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Croatia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Cyprus

    A history stretching back to the Crusaders and Aphrodite. Villages that have remained unchanged for centuries

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Cyprus - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Czech Republic

    Will you discover the beauty of the countryside? Or will you be totally ensnared by Prague?

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Czech Republic - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Denmark

    The Viking spirit lives on. In Denmark’s ruling class, its innovative design and quaint cobbled streets.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Denmark - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • England

    Reach beneath the surface, into the deep heritage and fascinating history of this mighty, small island.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to England - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Estonia

    An 11th century resident in Tallinn would still find his way round the old town today.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Estonia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • France and Monaco

    Indulge yourself in a taste of France – and discover a feast of art, scenery, history, culture…

    View countryLuxury Holidays to France and Monaco - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Georgia

    Dramatic mountain scenery and remote roads, punctuated by tiny, scattered villages unchanged by the passing centuries.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Georgia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Germany

    Beethoven, Wagner, Einstein, Dürer, Goethe, Porsche, Luther, Karl Marx – welcome to a country that inspires genius.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Germany - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Greece

    The artistic wonders of the classical world. Combined with picture-perfect islands, beautiful beaches and sculpted landscapes.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Greece - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Ireland

    In Ireland the people make the place. An escorted tour will introduce you to both.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Ireland - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Hungary

    Discover a country with so many facets that even its capital is actually two cities combined.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Hungary - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Iceland

    Welcome to an astonishing world of thermal springs, stunning glaciers, lunar landscapes, fairytale fjords, deserted beaches…

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Iceland - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Italy

    Italy doesn’t just hold something special for everyone. It offers everything any person could ever want.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Italy - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Latvia

    Discover one of Eastern Europe’s most enchanting market towns – and the unspoiled countryside that surrounds it.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Latvia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Norway

    A land of fabulous fjords, Viking longboats, unbelievable scenery, the midnight sun and the Northern Lights.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Norway - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Malta

    Welcome to an island that has embraced visitors for over 7,000-years – and still delights today.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Malta - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Montenegro

    A vast array of landscapes, natural habitats, fortified towns and wonderful beaches – in one small country.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Montenegro - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Sweden

    The midnight sun of summer, or winter’s Northern Lights? Which Sweden do you want to visit?

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Sweden - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Netherlands

    It may sound familiar, but the Netherlands is waiting to surprise you with hidden gems and unexpected discoveries.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Netherlands - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Turkey

    So diverse, so intriguing, so enchanting, so rich in sightseeing that you’ll want to stay twice.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Turkey - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Portugal

    If you can bear to leave the beach – or the golf course – a fascinating country awaits.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Portugal - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Poland

    Experience Poland's friendly, exuberant people, cities rich in folklore and beautiful countryside.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Poland - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Romania

    For a refreshingly different view of the world, take a step back into charming, unspoiled Romania.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Romania - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Spain

    The sun doesn’t just shine on Spain’s beaches. It illuminates cathedrals and churches, towns and cities…

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Spain - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Russia

    Beautiful canals, vast art galleries, outrageous palaces, florid basilicas, world class ballet. Russia has the best of Europe.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Russia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Ukraine

    Stay ahead of the crowd – be amongst the first to discover the delight that is Ukraine.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Ukraine - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Uzbekistan

    Soaring minarets, ancient palaces and mosques. Uzbekistan isn’t just a different country – it’s a different time.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Uzbekistan - The Ultimate Travel Company

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