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Luxury Holidays - Germany

Do you think of soaring music of Beethoven, or the classic tales of the brothers Grimm? Do you picture fairytale castles poised high above a majestic river - or fast, edgy cities like Berlin?

Germany is a country that has had a profound influence on the shape of Europe. It stands at the heart of the continent, with nine different borders, so you might expect it to be a treasure house of history and culture, as well as a manufacturing powerhouse.

But would you expect the exquisite beaches and sand dunes of the Baltic coast, away to the north? Are you quite prepared for the rush of history you’ll experience as you walk round Medieval walled cities like Rothenburg ob der Tauber? Are you ready to discover Roman civilisation in the ancient town of Trier?

Talk to one of our consultants about Germany and they'll show you aspects of the country that you didn’t expect, as well as some of its true wonders. They'll recommend a trip to its south eastern corner to visit the stunning Königsee – an achingly beautiful lake surrounded by misted mountains, top-of-the-world vistas and the idiosyncratically quaint St Bartholomä– standing on the very edge of the lake.

They will also reveal the best way to see it all. By train. Germany railways connect you to small towns and cities, Black Forest to Alpine slopes, with any number of marvels along the way.

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