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Luxury Holidays - Ireland

Drinking porter and listening to the locals - their poetry and music - in a quaint public house, will give you a real taste for Ireland. Taking an escorted tour round a private house will give you a different taste of this involving country.

There is no doubt about it, Ireland is full of character. In fact, it is the local characters that make the country so special. You’ll meet a good many of them in the bars, markets, shops and restaurants – especially the pubs, where visitors are welcomed with a natural warmth, where the conversation flows as easily as the Shannon and where music is a spontaneous Celtic celebration of the life and history of a fascinating country.

Take an escorted tour and you’ll discover the inner magic of a place that gave birth to writers like Joyce, Lewis, Sheridan and Wilde and Nobel Prize-winners like Shaw, Becket and Yeats.

You’ll find yourself walking inside the private residences of Dukes and Lords, exploring great castles and wandering through estates bursting with rhododendron and Japanese maple, camellias and magnolias. You’ll explore hidden gardens within castles; ringed with defensive walls and complemented by sweeping views of glorious countryside.

You’ll also find yourself staying in some of the country’s finest hotels – and becoming immersed in Ireland’s other great passion. Horses and racing are part of the country’s lifeblood, and an escorted tour will take you inside top studs, famous for breeding strings of classic winners.

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