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Luxury Holidays - China

The Great Wall of China. Started in the 7th century BC as a deterrent to incoming hordes, it is now one of the most awe-inspiring reasons that 21st century visitors find China irresistible.

Forget any other fortifications you may have visited in the past, the Great Wall of China is the most astounding chain of castles to be found anywhere on Earth.

Talk to Neil Dunham – our China specialist – and he will tailor-make a holiday itinerary that will include a walk along the wall. But Neil will also use his personal experience to take you further into China than you’d dreamed possible.

The Forbidden City will open its doors to you. You will be able to explore the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace and – in Xi’an - introduce yourself to an army of terracotta warriors.

China is a vast cauldron of possibilities. You can journey from the colonial French architecture and modern glass towers of Shanghai, for example, to the ineffable rural beauty of Yunnan Province, far from the usual tourist trail.

Your luxury holiday to China could include watching the Yangtze cascade through the awesome Tiger Leaping Gorge, photographing the towering limestone peaks of Guilin and Yangshou or – on a family holiday - introducing your children to a less-than-inscrutable superpower.

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Neil Dunham
Neil recommends Ultimate China

A comprehensive tour of all the important sights in China including a journey through beautiful Yunnan Province.View itinerary

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    • Ultimate China

      From north to south across the country’s huge canvas, this captivating journey offers a comprehensive introduction to China’s extraordinary cultural and natural heritage.

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      Ultimate China
    • Ancient Cities

      China- a country exceptionally rich in history. Step back in time with this journey through the country's fascinating, and beautiful ancient cities.

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      Ancient Cities
    • Yunnan and Tibet

      Glimpse into the Tibetan way of life with this journey through China's Yunnan Province. Experience boutique hillside retreats, mountain views, towering monasteries and of course, The Great Wall.

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      Yunnan and Tibet
    • A China Odyssey

      This tour combines the fascinating historical legacy of China’s imperial past, the pandas of Chengdu, the natural beauty and ethnical diversity of Yunnan Province in the south and the burgeoning city of Shanghai.

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      A China Odyssey
    • The Silk Road

      This adventurous tour follows the fabled Silk Road, exploring the desolate landscapes, lost cities, ancient trading outposts and vibrant markets that have captured the imagination for centuries.

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      The Silk Road
    • China – Ancient and Modern

      A captivating journey from the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong to the enchanting outposts of the Tibetan Plateau, illustrating perfectly the contrasts between the China of old and today’s dynamic country.

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      China – Ancient and Modern
    • China Family Adventure

      Stunning views and diverse landscapes, plus historical landmarks throughout. This trip to China has it all.

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      China Family Adventure
    • Classic China in Luxury

      This 14-night itinerary is the perfect introduction to China. Explore the wonders of China from Beijiing to Pingyao, Xian, Lijiang and Shanghai.

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