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Luxury Holidays to North Africa & The Middle East - The Ultimate Travel Company

Luxury Holidays - North Africa & The Middle East

In Britain we think of the Romans as being part of our ancient history. In North Africa and Arabia, they were newcomers.

It’s no exaggeration to say that one of our tailor-made holidays to North Africa and the Middle East will turn you into a time traveller.

But the charm of the region doesn’t just rest on its impressive past. This is also a world of futuristic landscapes, beautiful mountain vistas, lush nature reserves and unforgiving deserts.

The luxurious hotels of Dubai, the sights of Egypt, the quiet beauty of Oman, the life of Morocco, the photo opportunities of Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. They conspire together to offer you an unrivalled holiday experience.

Use this website to as a guide to a few of the possibilities presented by North Africa and the Middle East. Then talk to our expert Consultants about finding your special places.

  • Abu Dhabi

    A country that contrasts timeless traditions with an eagerness to embrace a world of ultra high-tech.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Abu Dhabi - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Dubai

    From pearl diving, falconry and the Empty Quarter – to full-on luxury hotels and glamorous shopping.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Dubai - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Egypt

    The Pyramids, the Sphinx, the temples, the tombs. Egypt is a true, world traveller’s destination.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Egypt - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Jordan

    Visit Jordan, Syria or Lebanon and you'll discover why so many great emperors prized this region so highly.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Jordan - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Morocco

    The epitome of North Africa? The souks and markets, cities and towns, desert and mountains of Morocco.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Morocco - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Oman

    Oman is completely under-visited. Be amongst the first to discover luxury hotels, souks, empty deserts, mountains…

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Oman - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Tunisia

    Desert forts, superb beaches, colourful bazaars, Berbers, vivid dance festivals – Tunisia could be a movie set.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Tunisia - The Ultimate Travel Company

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