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Luxury Holidays - Oman

A country full of majestic mountains, luxury beach resorts and verdant wadis in the middle of rolling deserts. And the Empty Quarter – a quarter of a million square metres of unbelievable, awesome emptiness.

There is a great tradition of hospitality amongst Arab people, but nowhere in the Middle East is the custom of welcoming visitors extended more naturally, or more warmly.

In fact, Oman is a pretty warm country. Its winter sunshine is virtually guaranteed and Muscat makes the most of it with immaculate beaches, fringed with luxury resorts and world class hotels.

Oman is a beautiful place, too. Your photographs of small, age-old towns nestling between towering mountains, palm groves and lush, terraced fields will surprise anyone who has not experienced this region for themselves. Which will be most people, because this Sultanate - poised at the mouth of the Arabian Gulf - is comparatively untouched by Western tourism.

But talk to Nabila Cash, our Oman expert, about a tailor-made holiday to Oman. Your tailored itinerary could include a visit to turtle nesting grounds, or a tour of Dhofar. You could experience the 2000 metre high Saiq Plateau at Jebel Akhdar or shop in the souks of the oasis city of Nizwa.

And then there is the astounding Empty Quarter. Nabila recommends a couple of days there; contemplating the profound emptiness is good for the soul. 

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    • The Sultanate of Oman

      (13 - 31 October 2014)

      Situated at the mouth of the Arabian Gulf, the Sultanate of Oman is a country as yet largely untouched by tourism.

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      The Sultanate of Oman
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