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Luxury Holidays to South America - The Ultimate Travel Company

Luxury Holidays - South America

No other region on Earth can show you greater extremes of diversity. Or vastness of scale. Or greater richness of wildlife and habitats.

Stand on the tip of South America. In front of you, the South Atlantic stretches to the icy vastness of Antarctica. Behind you is South America.

And what a place it is. The hacienda-style wineries and stunning countryside of Argentina. The vastness of Brazil. The weird Atacama Desert in Chile. Colombia’s unspoiled Amazonian rainforest. The inspirational wildlife of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. The remains of Inca culture in Peru and the rugged beauty of Bolivia. The Angel Falls and Orinoco River in Venezuela and the chance to go jaguar-tracking in Guyana.

It’s time to take a tailor-made holiday to South America. Use this website as a guide, then talk to our expert Consultants about finding the places that will enchant you.

  • Argentina

    Few countries are as large as Argentina, with as large a heart and as warm a welcome.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Argentina - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Bolivia

    For sheer diversity of experience, visit a country that ranges from life-rich rainforest to barren-looking moonscapes.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Bolivia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Brazil

    From the depths of the rainforest to the heights of Sugar Loaf Mountain...

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Brazil - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Chile

    Volcanoes, glaciers, ice peaks, deserts and salt pans. For a thin country, Chile packs them all in.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Chile - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Colombia

    Discover an original. Visit the great beaches, vivacious nightlife, dazzling cities and wonderful landscapes of Colombia.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Colombia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

    Two very different holiday experiences – different from anywhere you’ve been before.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Ecuador & Galapagos Islands - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Guyana

    In Guyana the unexpected is surprising, naturally, but the expected will astonish, amuse and delight you.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Guyana - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Peru

    Remote, isolated, rugged, stunningly beautiful, with a living history that goes back to Conquistadors and Incas.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Peru - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Uruguay

    Vibrant towns, beautiful beaches and lush countryside. This is where the rich and famous of South America come to play.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Uruguay - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Venezuela

    In a world of disappearing natural habitats, Venezuela is a welcome exception…pristine, vivacious, unspoiled, inviting…and largely unvisited.

    View countryLuxury Holidays to Venezuela - The Ultimate Travel Company

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