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Luxury Holidays - Bolivia

The world’s highest capital city. Astoundingly beautiful national parks. Lake Titicaca. Ancient Indian monuments, colourful festivals and colonial towns founded on silver. So the real surprise is the lack of tourists.

You won’t be a curiosity exactly, but you will be noticed. Despite its status as one of South America’s most fascinating destinations, comparatively few tourists reach Bolivia. That doesn’t mean you won’t be welcome. Over 60% of the population of this staggeringly beautiful country are native American Indians and they are naturally warm and very hospitable to visitors, especially if you venture into the more rural regions.

Talk to Sara Willis, one of our expert consultants on Bolivia, and she will tell you about extraordinary places like Quime – a hidden valley town, surrounded by spectacular mountains with cascading waterfalls, a native cloud forest and over 30 local Aymara communities.

Sara can also tell you about the astounding landscapes of Salar de Uyuni. Or about white water rafting or bird watching in the Madidi National Park. Stretching over almost two million square hectares, this park has everything from Andean glaciers to tropical rainforests, Quechua Indians and wildlife that includes tapirs and over 1,000 different species of birds,

Explore Bolivia and you’ll discover the highest, most rugged and isolated country in the Southern Hemisphere – and be welcomed by friendly people in traditional dress.

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