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Luxury Holidays - Guyana

Prepare yourself for the expected: pristine rainforest, rolling savannah, rich wildlife and extraordinary species of birds. Then prepare for the unexpected: English as a national language, cricket, rum cocktails, Indian curries…

Wandering through the quiet streets of Georgetown, with its fascinating British colonial architecture, you may find yourself thinking; ‘Jane was right; nothing much has changed here since Evelyn Waugh visited Guyana in 1932 and wrote 92 Days.’

One of our expert consultants on Guyana are exactly the person to talk to if you want the perfect, tailor-made holiday. They can give you in-depth insights into a country with glorious natural habitats – ranging from horizon-wide savannahs to pristine rainforests packed with the most astonishing wildlife.

They can tell you about trekking through forests photographing comical blue and yellow billed toucans (or any of the other 860+ recorded resident and migrant bird species). You could find yourself visiting the Iwokrama Forest and Research Centre. Or watching the wild river otters of Karanambu. Or standing on the brink of the rarely-visited but breath-taking Kaieteur Falls – five times higher than Niagara, with no barriers.

On the other hand, Guyana also offers you the chance to relax and watch a cricket match. Or sip rum cocktails while listening to the lively rhythms of local music. Or meet real live South American cowboys on a working ranch.

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