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Luxury Holidays - Peru

Peru rewards you with lush rainforests, spectacular mountains, and the architectural enigmas of the Incas. Not to mention thousands of vibrant festivals, lively towns and messages to visitors from outer space.

Standing on the edge of the spectacular Colca Canyon you may have a moment of revelation. This canyon is so large and high that you may not be able to comprehend its true scale. Until your guide points out that the tiny birds soaring effortlessly beneath you are, in fact, huge Andean Condors.

The ancient colonial streets of Cusco are no less impressive, but in a different way. And Machu Picchu exists just to take your breath away – with its beautiful setting in the midst of sub-tropical rainforest and buildings dating from the height of the Inca empire.

Ask Sara Willis – one of our Peru experts – to create you a tailor-made itinerary and you could be in the land of the Incas, canoeing along Amazonian tributaries, or discovering the majestic mountains and secret ruins of the North. You could immerse yourself in any of the 3,000 spectacularly colourful local festivals, explore Abancay - the Valley of the White Lilies – or walk, in wonder, along the site of the ancient Nazca lines. Were they really a message to visitors from outer space?

Sara may be able to help you find the answer.

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A remarkable country of colonial charm, snow-capped mountains and exotic wildlife. It’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts!View itinerary

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