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Luxury Holidays - Venezuela

Bird watchers will be enthralled. Nature lovers will find an enchanted land of jaguars, howler monkeys, caiman and anacondas. Beach lovers will be in their element. Venezuela could be your perfect, tailor-made holiday.

Venezuela doesn’t appear on everyone’s top ten list of holiday destinations, which is what makes it perfect for travellers who like to take a different route…and arrive at the most wonderful destinations.

Our Venezuela experts, can recommend a tailor-made itinerary that could see you wandering through virgin rainforest, rich in noisy wildlife and cascading cataracts fed by the mighty Orinoco River. You could fly over the world-famous Angel Falls, climb snow-covered Andean peaks or visit Conan Doyle’s ‘lost world’ of Mount Roraima. You could go on safari in the Llanos region for a chance to glimpse sloth, jaguar and puma, be deafened by howler monkeys or watch any of Venezuela’s 1,200 different bird species.

You could relax to the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela or the rhythms of traditional Llanes music.

And all before luxuriating on a pristine beach beside a boutique lodge in Los Roques, or going bone fishing in the warm Caribbean.

For the full picture, read ‘In Trouble Again’ by Redmond O’Hanlon. Or talk to one of our experts.

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