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Luxury Holidays to Caribbean - The Ultimate Travel Company

Luxury Holidays - Caribbean

Sea and sun awaits. So does surprisingly diverse wildlife and a similarly interesting nightlife. Plus a history that includes pirates, Spanish silver, slaves and sugar.

If the world is your oyster, the Caribbean is certainly the pearl. It’s one of those places where even the place names sound magical. Trinidad and Tobago. Antigua. Dominica and Martinique. Mustique. Anguilla and Antigua. Jamaica and St Lucia.

The Caribbean measures up to the expectation conjured up by those magical names. You could walk on black sand. You could visit a volcano. You could chill to sub-zero in an isolated beach bar or dine on barbecued fish plucked straight from the sea. The Caribbean Sea.

Use this website to as a guide to a few of the possibilities presented by the Caribbean. Then talk to our expert consultants about finding your best places.

  • Anguilla

    Anguilla offers the perfect combination of spectacular sand, sea and glorious sunshine – plus a little sight-seeing.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Anguilla - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Antigua

    An island with 365 superb beaches. Plus a history of seafaring, stretching back to Nelson’s time.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Antigua - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Bahamas

    Diving and beaching, shopping and dining out, island hopping and wildlife watching – the choice is yours.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Bahamas - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Barbados

    A cosmopolitan atmosphere, great hotels, superb beaches and golf courses - this is the Caribbean, with luxury.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Barbados - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Bequia

    It’s a tiny island with beautiful golden beaches and a welcome as big as its heart.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Bequia - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • British Virgin Islands

    You could spent two months in the British Virgin Islands, without visiting the same one twice.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to British Virgin Islands - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • The Cayman Islands

    The Cayman Islands - a Seven Mile Beach, a virtually deserted island with only 170 residents…

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to The Cayman Islands - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Grenada

    An irresistible combination of beautiful beaches, tropical rainforest, birdlife, spice plantations and picturesque Saturday markets.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Grenada - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Jamaica

    On Jamaica you’ll feel laid back - doing as little or as much as you want.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Jamaica - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Mustique

    Discover why some of the best known people in the world have made this island famous.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Mustique - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Nevis

    Fabulous beaches, historic plantation houses, museums and galleries – all concentrated on one tiny, perfectly formed island.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Nevis - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Petit Saint Vincent

    A hideaway so secluded and idyllic that you don’t ring for service, you hoist a flag.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Petit Saint Vincent - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Puerto Rico

    The smallest of the Greater Antilles – but perhaps the island with the biggest store of surprises.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Puerto Rico - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Saint Barths

    Which is the most photogenic? The undersea world, the stunning beaches or the achingly pretty interior?

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Saint Barths - The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Saint Lucia

    If you’d circled the world searching for your perfect desert island, you’d return to St Lucia.

    Read moreLuxury Holidays to Saint Lucia - The Ultimate Travel Company

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