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When to go

When to go

We just love travelling, so in our book it is always a good time to start planning a journey. But some destinations are at their peak during certain months. So when is the best time to visit?

October is perfect for walking in the mountain kingdom of Bhutan, for example. To see migrating wildebeest you want to be in the Masai Mara or the Serengeti in August. To enjoy Burma without the humidity, try January. And February is the best time to visit Indonesia if you’ve always wanted to experience a tropical monsoon.

Where to go in January

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Such a dull month. The aftermath of the party. The general greyness. Not everywhere, however. In South Africa it’s summer – perfect for a wine tour of the Cape or a wildlife safari in the Kruger. The Far East, the islands of the Indian Ocean, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia also sparkle in the warming sun, and extend their welcome to the winter-weary. Here are just a few suggestions – our consultants have hundreds more.

    • Thailand

      Thailand is a must for any world traveller. Our Thailand is a revelation, a true don’t-miss experience.

      View countryThailand holiday and itinerary details
    • South Africa

      South Africa is the continent’s richest country. Rich in gold, diamonds, wildlife, scenery…

      View countrySouth Africa holiday and itinerary details
    • The Indian Ocean

      Bath in its warmth. Bask on its stunning beaches. Immerse yourself in the welcoming Indian Ocean.

      View countryThe Indian Ocean holiday and itinerary details

Where to go in February

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While the UK is wrapped in its cold, grey blanket of lifeless winter, it’s easy to turn your thoughts towards the sun. Half the world is bathed in it, so you can catch the rays with added interest. From the temples of Cambodia and India, to the wildebeest migration of northern Tanzania and the wildlife of Costa Rica – the choice is yours. But if the sun doesn’t call you, how about voyaging to the spectacular white wilderness of the Antarctic? Below are just a few suggestions for February – our consultants have hundreds more.

    • Costa Rica

      No matter who you are, Costa Rica cannot fail to charm, astonish, beguile and seduce you. A true don’t-miss experience.

      View countryCosta Rica holiday and itinerary details
    • Sri Lanka

      The riches of Sri Lanka are very accessible -you spend less time travelling and more time holidaying.

      View countrySri Lanka holiday and itinerary details
    • Tanzania

      If you want to actually track the wildebeest migration, it has to be in Tanzania.

      View countryTanzania holiday and itinerary details

Where to go in March

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The year is beginning to march on and the Christmas break is now a distant memory. Focus, instead, on the Far East. Vietnam is beautiful. Thailand and West Malaysia are at their best. Most of India and Sri Lanka is warm without being stifling, so you won’t have to be a mad dog, or an Englishman, to go out in the day. For a visual treat, try Mexico with its outrageous Easter festivals. Below are just a few suggestions for March – our consultants have hundreds more.

    • Mexico

      Turquoise seas, white beaches, green jungles, red hot chillies, pink flamingos – if you want colour, Mexico delivers.

      View countryMexico holiday and itinerary details
    • Malaysia

      Malaysia offers a sensational, high energy capital city – and a countryside and coastline that keeps pace.

      View countryMalaysia holiday and itinerary details
    • Vietnam

      From beautiful beaches, lush countryside, vivacious cities and preserved war zone, Vietnam is its own experience.

      View countryVietnam holiday and itinerary details

Where to go in April

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No fooling, April is the best time to trek through the Nepal Himalaya or explore the astonishing mountain kingdom of Bhutan. Weather prediction is always tricky in April but it’s generally neither too hot nor too cool for hikers. Jump a continent (or two) and the Victoria Falls are at their most spectacular. Below are just a few suggestions for April – our consultants have hundreds more.

    • Bhutan

      Mountain top towns, monasteries, temples and stunning scenery make Bhutan a treat for the privileged few.

      View countryBhutan holiday and itinerary details
    • Nepal

      Get ready to experience stunning mountain scenery, ancient temples, vivid markets, winding streets…and some real surprises.

      View countryNepal holiday and itinerary details
    • Zambia

      For the sheer diversity of wildlife safaris, plus the awesome Victoria Falls, nowhere beats Zambia.

      View countryZambia holiday and itinerary details

Where to go in May

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If you can bring yourself to leave the May blossom and burgeoning spring in the UK, this is a great month to travel. The departing rainy season has left Namibia fresh, lush and dry; and neighbouring Botswana is similarly verdant. Over on the Galapagos Islands, the albatrosses have landed, temperatures are ideal and seas are generally calm. But beaches also beckon. Now is the time to dive off the coast of Mozambique, or immerse yourself in the Eden that is Mauritius – paradoxically enjoying its low season!

Where to go in June

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Midway through the year and time for something different? With most of South America becoming hotter, our experts recommend visiting Peru or Bolivia. The Andes are fresh and cool - in both senses of the word, fields are full of crops and you’ll be able to explore in relative peace and quiet before the busy summer season. The rainforests of Borneo are also inviting, or you might prefer to track gorilla in Rwanda. Below are just a few suggestions for June...

    • Borneo

      Borneo is the world’s third largest island, and one of the most unspoiled regions on Earth.

      View countryBorneo holiday and itinerary details
    • Rwanda

      Gorillas are truly impressive. But so is the accessibility of Rwanda’s wildlife and its beautiful habitat.

      View countryRwanda holiday and itinerary details
    • Peru

      Remote, isolated, rugged, stunningly beautiful, with a living history that goes back to Conquistadors and Incas.

      View countryPeru holiday and itinerary details

Where to go in July

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With wonderful festivals in Morocco. Plus high water in the Okavango Delta. Plus safaris in Linyanti. Plus the East African coast and Zanzibar for honeymooners – it seems like Africa owns July. Or does it? Northern Brazil offers you some stunning beaches and colonial towns. And Indonesia combine irreproachable weather with world class hotels, superb diving and destinations like Java, Bali and Lombok to choose from. Below are just a few suggestions for July – our consultants have hundreds more.


    • Botswana

      From flooded delta to desert, Botswana is virtually a continent within a country.

      View countryBotswana holiday and itinerary details
    • Indonesia

      The Indonesian archipelago. So diverse, so appealing, it cannot fail to catch your imagination.

      View countryIndonesia holiday and itinerary details
    • Morocco

      The epitome of North Africa? The souks and markets, cities and towns, desert and mountains of Morocco.

      View countryMorocco holiday and itinerary details

Where to go in August

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Zambia is an absolute wildlife treat in August. The Lower Zambezi attracts huge numbers of hippo, zebra, lion and antelope, while clouds of carmine bee-eaters and great herds of elephant bring colour and sound to the South Luangwa Valley. Or for something completely different, try Madagascar. To get up close and personal with the island’s quintessential lemurs is animal therapy at its finest. Not to be outdone, Argentina bursts into life with countrywide festivals, including international choirs, the Tango Festival and Dance World Cup. The Arctic, meanwhile, is experiencing summer and teeming with wildlife.

 Below are just a few suggestions for August – our consultants have hundreds more.

    • Argentina

      Few countries are as large as Argentina, with as large a heart and as warm a welcome.

      View countryArgentina holiday and itinerary details
    • Arctic

      A different world of natural ice sculptures, astonishing polar scenery and abundant wildlife…virtually on your doorstep.

      View countryArctic holiday and itinerary details
    • Zambia

      For the sheer diversity of wildlife safaris, plus the awesome Victoria Falls, nowhere beats Zambia.

      View countryZambia holiday and itinerary details

Where to go in September

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Hoorah, the kids are back at school and it’s time for the adults to play. China, with its haunting landscapes and national treasures, looks fantastic in September. America is celebrating Labour Day. It’s spring in Australia – arguably that continent’s best season – and Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia are all recommended by our experts for a tailor-made tour in South America. Below are just a few suggestions for September – our consultants have hundreds more.

    • China

      The awe-inspiring Great Wall of China is the most astounding chain of castles to be found anywhere on Earth.

      View countryChina holiday and itinerary details
    • Australia

      Australia is so large, so rich in opportunities, it has several ‘themes’ running through its tailored holidays.

      View countryAustralia holiday and itinerary details
    • Brazil

      From the depths of the rainforest to the heights of Sugar Loaf Mountain...

      View countryBrazil holiday and itinerary details

Where to go in October

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Sandwiched between the heat of summer and the cold of winter, October is great in Guyana. It’s also a good time to tackle Kilimanjaro when weather conditions should be fine for climbing and the mountain not too busy. But for colour come to Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire and watch the world turn gold. And try the local cider in Connecticut! Or jump over to the Middle East for a Bedouin-style desert camping experience or an iconic cruise on the River Nile.

    • USA

      World-leading cities, truly great outdoors, hospitable locals – time to develop your ‘special relationship’ with the USA.

      View countryUSA holiday and itinerary details
    • Egypt

      The Pyramids, the Sphinx, the temples, the tombs. Egypt is a true, world traveller’s destination.

      View countryEgypt holiday and itinerary details
    • Guyana

      In Guyana the unexpected is surprising, naturally, but the expected will astonish, amuse and delight you.

      View countryGuyana holiday and itinerary details

Where to go in November

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India. More specifically two of its most fantastic states - Rajastan and Kerala. Our experts recommend them in November because they’re at their best weather-wise, but not as crowded as from December onwards. Thailand, for much the same reason, shows its temples and culture, beaches, nightlife and bustling cities at their best now. Chile offers shimmering deserts, verdant forests, snow-capped mountains and serene lakes. 

    • India

      Welcome to a multi-coloured world of empty deserts, mountain kingdoms, teeming cities, temples and festivals.

      View countryIndia holiday and itinerary details
    • Chile

      Volcanoes, glaciers, ice peaks, deserts and salt pans. For a thin country, Chile packs them all in.

      View countryChile holiday and itinerary details
    • Thailand

      Thailand is a must for any world traveller. Our Thailand is a revelation, a true don’t-miss experience.

      View countryThailand holiday and itinerary details

Where to go in December

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December is the time to visit your friends and family across the world. Talk to our experts about creating a tailor-made itinerary around a Christmas visit to your family, and explore the country they have made their home. Or do something totally different. Go camping on a glacier. Take a cruise to the Antarctic and you could be celebrating Christmas Day amidst kings and emperors. Penguins, of course. If you prefer a warm winter, you could explore Guatemala or Belize. Or take a dhow cruise, or desert safari, in Oman.

    • Antarctica

      Antarctica. An unrivalled experience whether you take a luxury cruise, or camp out on the ice.

      View countryAntarctica holiday and itinerary details
    • Guatemala

      Yes, Guatemala will take you through rainforests to cities built by the Mayans and the Conquistadors…

      View countryGuatemala holiday and itinerary details
    • Oman

      Oman is completely under-visited. Be amongst the first to discover luxury hotels, souks, empty deserts, mountains…

      View countryOman holiday and itinerary details

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