The biggest question on the planet? How much of the world will be left once we’ve visited it all?

No-one knows all the environmental answers. But anyone who loves travelling the way we do will be equally as keen to keep the world as free from harm as possible.

There’s an equilibrium. Mass tourism can have a negative impact, but our experience shows that intelligent tourism - sensitively conducted - can actually support fragile eco-systems and provide opportunities to local people.

Conserving continents

Many African nations, for example, are quickly becoming aware of the importance of conserving their wildlife. Asian and South American countries are now taking increasingly far-reaching steps to preserve their natural habitats – ideas stimulated by responsible tourism.

Treating people fairly

Similarly, local people should receive positive benefits from welcoming visitors. All our regional partners are part of The Ultimate Travel Company’s ethical code, ensuring that high standards of service are rewarded with fair treatment. Health and safety expectations are in place, and partnerships are conducted with respect for local cultural values and environmental concerns.

Creating a sustainable effect

We consult with sustainability experts and also support many initiatives, in the belief that their cumulative effect will be huge. We are also involved with the Social Change and Development tree-planting programme run by local Indian communities.

For details of the way we work with numerous charities, please click here.