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Maribela Hotel, Lalibela

Even after 800 years there is something so spiritual in the atmosphere of the rock and cave churches built during the Zagwe Dynasty that you will find yourself holding your breath – and involuntarily speaking in whispers. Especially if you’re visiting somewhere like the Yemrehana Krestos Church; it’s built in a huge, north east-facing cave and decorated with ornaments and murals that reach back over centuries of archaic rituals.

So it’s little wonder that the city, built by King Lalibela – known as the ‘Honey Eater’ – has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also no surprise that, with its prime setting close to Lalibela and its gracious, stylish accommodation, the Maribela Hotel is considered a prime place to stay on your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Ethiopia.

Maribela Hotel, at a glance

  • Luxurious, modern hotel, built to a design inspired by the country’s rock churches
  • Choice of guest rooms ranging from singles to triples, plus a Maribela-style suite
  • Private balconies with day beds for perfect relaxation
  • Eye-stretching views of the verdant valleys and majestic mountains
  • Well-appointed, en suite bathrooms
  • Décor includes locally-made artefacts and furnishings
  • Large restaurant and rooftop dining terrace serving Continental and Ethiopian dishes, plus main bar

For leisure and pleasure

  • Great access to Lalibela, for trips to discover the town’s architectural wonders
  • Just 10 minutes’ walk from monolithic stone churches
  • Guided walks around Lalibela
  • Coffee ceremony and evening bonfire with tej; Ethiopian honey wine
  • Traditional dancing and music at Torpedo Tej Bet
  • Countryside trekking and a 53-point programme of local activities
  • Cultural and eco tours to local communities

  • I am unable to express sufficiently my thanks and admiration for the constant care and organisation you put into this journey.

    DH, Argentina