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Simien Lodge, Simien Mountains

Gazing down at the range of towering, craggy peaks spread out at your feet is a sensation that helps you realise your own insignificance in the vastness of the world. It’s a feeling enhanced when you notice great birds – transformed by distance into sparrows - wheeling effortlessly on thermals, beneath you.

Stay at Simien Lodge during your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Ethiopia and you’ll have plenty of similarly inspiring moments. Like when come face-to-face with a 500-strong troupe of fearsome-looking gelada baboons. Or spot your first Walia Ibex. Or visit the ancient monastery of Saddique Amba, clinging precariously onto a sheer cliff. Or discover the centuries-old Deresge Maryam church. Or retire after an absorbing day, to the profound comfort of one of Simien Lodge’s stone-built, thatched, round houses.

Simien Lodge, at a glance

  • Luxury hotel set at 3260 metres, high in the Simien Mountains
  • Choice of 13 charming, stone-built tukels – round houses with thatched roofs
  • Two bedrooms with en suite shower rooms, per tukel
  • Quaint, semi-circular rooms with large windows
  • Sheltered balconies with vast, panoramic views over the escarpment
  • Herring bone design, wooden ceilings
  • Tiled floors with underfloor solar heating system
  • Circular restaurant with log fire centre piece, serving an a la carte menu of Ethiopian and European food, plus bar with central fireplace

For leisure and pleasure

  • Mountain and escarpment trekking from stunning scenery, forests and grasslands
  • Hiking around Imet Gogo, Bwahit and campsites at Geech, Sankabur and Chennuk
  • Wildlife excursions to see gelada baboons, hyena, leopard, Simien wolves, ibex and birds like lammergeyer and tawny eagles
  • Mountain biking and camping gear hire
  • Climbing to the summit of Ras Daschen
  • Extreme sports like canyonning and base jumping 
  • Cultural visits to meet local people

  • I do not think that we have ever had so much care and attention from a travel company, which just goes to show that (in a good way), you do get what you pay for.

    DL, Morocco