Great Rift Valley

stunning network of lakes, extinct volcanoes and an array of wildlife

Kenya’s slice of the Great Rift Valley offers a totally unique wildlife experience, a world away from the open plains and savannah of the main national parks. This incredible geological landmark features a stunning network of lakes, extinct volcanoes and an array of wildlife.

Formed by the movements of major tectonic plates millions of years ago, the Great Rift Valley cuts a path through the earth’s crust for 6,000 kilometres between Lebanon and Mozambique. It is one of Kenya’s greatest landmarks and an area of immense beauty, with spectacular lakes and plains supporting a wealth of wildlife.  

The lakes teem with algae and small crustaceans that draw huge flocks of birds to feed throughout the year, making it an exceptional destination for bird watchers. Flamingos are the iconic animals of the region, and it is worth a visit to the Great Rift Valley just to see these vibrant pink birds in their masses.

Lake Nakuru National Park is well known as the best place to see both lesser and greater flamingos, as well as boasting a healthy population of black and white rhinos, colobus monkeys, lions and plains game. Lake Naivasha, a freshwater lake nestled in a flower growing region, offers great wildlife viewing in a charming setting, with an abundance of birdlife and hippos. It’s also a popular starting point for a safari, situated just a short drive from Nairobi.

For those with an adventurous spirit venture to Longonot National Park from Lake Naivasha and trek up Mount Longonot – a dormant volcano – where you will be rewarded with superb panoramic views.

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