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experience authentic safaris in a remote region of semi-arid plains and forested hills

With a wildlife density second only to the Masai Mara, the Laikipia Plateau is fast becoming one of Kenya’s most popular safari destinations. Set within a remote region of semi-arid plains and forested hills, visitors can enjoy a truly authentic wildlife experience.

Laikipia’s lesser known wilderness offers seriously impressive wildlife encounters, with more endangered species found here than anywhere else in the country. These include healthy populations of African wild dog, Grevy’s zebra and about half of Kenya’s remaining black rhinos. On top of this, the region has a thriving population of lion, leopard, elephant and cheetah, who coexist alongside more unusual northern species such as the reticulated giraffe, Besia oryx, Somali ostrich and gerenuk.

Laikipia is occupied by a number of incredible wildlife conservancies and luxury lodges devoted to wildlife conservation. As a guest you will get a chance to learn about past and ongoing projects, as well as enjoying exclusive game viewing in scenic settings.

The Lewa Conservancy is one of the oldest and finest conservancies in Laikipia and is renowned for its conservation efforts. Here you will find a range of environments from woodland to savannah, home to a variety of animals including large numbers of black and white rhino. Those who like to keep active may want to take part in the annual Lewa Marathan, a fantastic run through the conservancy in June.

Laikipia is renowned for its epic and varied scenery and the variety of activities and experiences on offer, with fantastic options to suit every inclination. Whether you want to take a camel ride across the plains, track elephants on foot or saddle up for an incredible horse riding safari, there is a wilderness experience for everyone.

Enjoy all of this and more with a luxury tailor-made holiday to Laikipia.

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Sosian, Laikipia Laikipia

Encompassing a sitting room, dining area, bar and billiards room, the original ranch house is now the focal point of the homely Sosian Lodge. An expansive wraparound veranda commands gorgeous views across the beautiful landscape, …

Arijiju, Laikipia Laikipia

Inspired by the rock-hewn churches of Ethiopia, this elegant stone-and-timber property sits inconspicuously amidst the rolling hills of northern Kenya. Arijiju can only be rented exclusively, making it the perfect …

Lewa Wilderness, Lewa Downs Laikipia

Everything about Lewa Wilderness Trails fits the picture you have of the quintessential African safari. The setting, beside the Equator at the base of the towering Mount Kenya. The near-invisible leopard lounging in a tree. …

El Karama, Laikipia Laikipia

Big cats like leopards and cheetah stalk their prey across the rolling bushland. Prides of lion laze indolently in the shade of spreading trees. Rare African hunting dogs slink around the fringes of herds of …

Borana Lodge, Laikipia Laikipia

A private helicopter flight over the particularly game-rich Samangua Valley may well be one of the most unforgettable highlights of your entire luxury, tailor-made holiday to Kenya. But there are many more to follow.

Lolldaiga House, Laikipia Laikipia

Once a private family home, Lolldaiga House has since opened its doors to visitors looking to explore the Lolldaiga Hills Ranch in Laikipia. The design of the property is reminiscent of an old settler home, …

The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille Laikipia

Your Masai warrior guide pauses, so you sit on a nearby rock and wait. Slowly, seemingly unaware that you’re so close, the elephants make their way past you on their way up the hillside. …

Kicheche Laikipia Laikipia

Each suite has its own veranda overlooking a dam where wildlife are frequent visitors. The lounge and dining area is spacious and cosily furnished, with the addition of two roaring fireplaces that are perfect for …

Ol Malo Lodge, Laikipia Laikipia

From Ol Malo’s setting high on a rocky escarpment above a game-rich plain, you’ll have out-of-this-world views towards the soaring Mount Kenya. You’ll spend exciting days tracking game across this special, 5000 acre …

Ol Malo House, Laikipia Laikipia

Life at Ol Malo is about experiences. Rise with the sun, soar alongside eagles over granite outcrops, and watch a family of elephant dozing under a tree through the pricked ears of your horse. …


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