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Meru National Park

with only a handful of camps and luxury lodges, you will often have the wilderness all to yourself

Straddling the equator and stretching southeast from the foothills of Mt Kenya, Meru National Park is made up of a variety of habitats that play host to an abundance of wildlife. With only a handful of camps and luxury lodges, you will often have the wilderness all to yourself.

The park covers an unspoiled area of 870.sq.km of savannah and diverse woodland well-watered by 13 permanent rivers and streams divided by lava flows. Most of the park can be accessed by a network of dirt roads, however the rugged landscape also lends itself well to on-foot exploration and exciting bush walks.

Buffalo, herds of elephant, reticulated giraffe, Grant’s gazelle and gerenuk flourish within Meru, as well as rising numbers of predators including cheetah, leopard and caracal. Lion and serval are both common, whilst turtles, hippos and crocodiles can be seen in the streams and rivers. At the Meru Rhino Sanctuary, a secure area covering 50.sq.km, visitors can encounter white rhino and the endangered black rhino.

Meru National Park is also a paradise for bird watchers, with over 420 species recorded here. As you make your way through the park look out for red-necked falcons, ostriches, vulturine guineafowl and kingfishers as well as the more elusive Pel’s fishing owl, Martial Eagle and African Finfoot.  

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Meru National Park
Elsa's Kopje, Meru National Park Meru National Park

Built on a small hill just above the Adamson’s original camp – the setting for the Born Free book and unforgettable film – Elsa’s Kopje reflects the connection with Elsa the lioness.

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