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Malawi is at its best during the dry season between early May and late October. This is peak time for game viewing across the national parks, with thinning vegetation and animals likely to be found congregating around remaining waterholes. While temperatures in the highlands can get pretty chilly (especially in the evenings), the low-lying areas such as Lake Malawi enjoy warm, sunny and blissfully dry days perfectly suited for beach lazing and water sports. 

The crocodile courtship season begins in May in both Liwonde National Park and Majete Game Reserve. Those who want to see elephants will find them in large herds feeding along the riverbanks in June and July, as well as hundreds of Lillian’s lovebirds. Windy afternoons make for perfect sailing conditions on Lake Malawi in September. 

A holiday in the wetter months of December, January and February can be trickier. The heavy rains can make some roads in the national parks impassable, and temperatures can get uncomfortably hot and humid. That said, the thunderstorms are pretty impressive, and it can be a fabulous time for birdwatchers with the arrival of migratory species from the Northern Hemisphere. This isn’t a good time for a visit to Lake Malawi however, with most of the lodges closed for the season.