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Sayari Camp, Serengeti

Set in the remote region of the northern Serengeti, Sayari Camp offers and uninterrupted experience of African safari. 15 luxurious tents, all with Serengeti views, allow you to enjoy the impeccable service and surroundings.

Sayari Camp may be situated in the less visited, more remote region of the northern Serengeti, but you will never be alone. For company, you will always have large numbers of big cats, giraffe, elephant and buck. Even the once-rare rhino is now making a strong comeback thanks to vigorous conservation.

And then, once a year, the wide open plains erupt into life as over a million wildebeest and zebra burst onto the grasslands in their annual migration. Easily one of the most awe-inspiring wildlife spectacle on Earth.

The game rolls – or thunders if it has been stampeded by big cats - past the camp, in a desperate haste to reach and cross the Mara River; right in front of your waiting camera.

Sayari Camp, at a glance

  • Fabulous Serengeti setting on the migration route
  • Choice of 15 luxury safari tents that blend into the landscape
  • Private, game-view verandas and en suite bathrooms (even the bathtubs have Serengeti views!)
  • Dining area, library, lounge with fireplace and welcoming bar

For leisure and pleasure

  • Capture the migration in the act of crossing the Mara River
  • Off-road game driving across ever-widening landscapes
  • Follow the game on foot with experienced guides
  • Bathe in the infinity pool
  • Spa with therapeutic massage and beauty treatments
  • Kids activities including night patrol with authentic Askari bows and kit

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  • I do not think that we have ever had so much care and attention from a travel company, which just goes to show that (in a good way), you do get what you pay for.

    DL, Morocco