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Serengeti Safari Camp, Tanzania

At the Serengeti Safari Camp, 6 spacious tents follow the animal migration hundreds of miles across the Serengeti. With private safari vehicles and guides for each of the tents, this camp lets you get up close and personal with the African wildlife.

Over a million animals on the move. A vast torrent of wildebeest pouring across the plains of the Serengeti, leaving in their wake huge numbers of lions and cheetahs, hyenas, crocodiles and elephants, zebras, bok, giraffes, rhino – an almost endless roll of supporting actors in the drama that is the world’s greatest migration.

And you can be amongst them. Serengeti Safari Camp moves its position every few weeks, to gain the most advantageous points from which to see the action. Better still, it provides you with your own safari vehicle and guide so you can decide when and where you go, what you see - and how adventurous you feel.

Serengeti Safari Camp, at a glance

  • A traditional, mobile safari camp in every sense
  • Follows the annual migration over hundreds of miles
  • Just six spacious, comfortable tents, with en suite facilities
  • Private vehicle and expert guide for each tent
  • The best, open air safari food
  • Authentic, life-in-the-Serengeti experience

For leisure and pleasure

  • Your choice of morning, evening or all day drives with lunches and picnics provided
  • Design your game viewing to suit yourself
  • Choose your season: Dec-Mar for calving, April-May for the rut, June and July for Grumeti River crossing, Aug-Nov for Mara River crossing

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