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Uganda is a great all-seasons destination, with temperatures that are largely consistent throughout the year. The country experiences two dry seasons, one between December and February and the other between June and August, although rainfall can occur in any month.

The drier months are generally considered the best time to visit as the conditions are excellent for game viewing in national parks as well as gorilla and chimpanzee trekking – the main draw for many travelling to Uganda. With less vegetation and many animals gathering around remaining waterholes, it is much easier to spot an array of different wildlife. For those keen on bird watching, Uganda offers fabulous viewing throughout the year.

During the wet months, in November and between March and May, Uganda’s landscapes are green, vibrant and full of life. Animals give birth to their young, and many migratory birds also make their appearance. There’s fewer crowds around and, for those looking for a cheaper gorilla permit, you’ll often find costs are reduced during this period. It’s good to note that due to heavy rain showers, road travel can be more challenging in the wetter months.