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While Zanzibar enjoys average temperatures of 30°C throughout the year, the dry season between July and September is considered the prime time for travel. It’s the only time of year that is (almost) guaranteed no rain, making it a wonderful period for both beach lounging and exploring the sights of Stone Town.

From mid-October, the temperatures begin to rise, as does the chance of rain. November and December mark the start of the ‘short’ rainy season. Rain in this period is often fleeting and is ordinarily followed by beautiful blue skies in the afternoon. January and February continue the theme of hot, sunny days but without as much rain. The seas at this time are at their clearest making it a great time for keen snorkelers and divers.

From the middle of March, Zanzibar enters its ‘long’ rainy season. April and May tend to be quite wet with heavy tropical showers frequent in the afternoon. It’s not the best time of year to travel, as the coastline, as well as being rainy, can also be very hot.