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Mnemba Island Lodge, Zanzibar

It’s about as close as you’ll come to being a castaway on a desert island, without actually falling overboard from a ship in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Take photographs as you walk along the crescent of white sand that separates the dark green palm trees from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and your friends back home will believe you have actually been castaway. This is the place everyone imagines when they say the words ‘desert island’. It’s a tiny speck of sandy perfection just off the northeast coast of exotic Zanzibar.

But make for Mnemba Island on your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Zanzibar and you won’t have to make your own shelter from driftwood, or catch your own fish for supper. Because the island has a lodge with simple-yet- luxurious private bandas with open thatched verandas facing your own stretch of beachfront, and a superb restaurant just a few paces away.

Mnemba Island Lodge, at a glance

  • Exclusive island lodge standing on an immaculate white beach
  • Tiny, far flung desert island off the coast of Zanzibar
  • Choice of just 10 traditional island bandas accommodating a total of only 20 visitors
  • Picturesque thatched roofs and bare wooden floors
  • Shaded terraces on the beach giving uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean
  • En suite bathrooms with shutters and massive showers
  • Décor includes natural materials and fabrics, plus genuine carved artefacts
  • Inviting lounge and dining area with fresh food served on wooden platters, plus romantic private beach or garden dining experiences

For leisure and pleasure

  • Some of the best diving and snorkelling along the entire coast
  • Swimming and kayaking in the ocean
  • Sailing and wind surfing
  • Deep sea angling or fly fishing
  • Beach massages
  • Nature walks through the indigenous casuarina pine forest
  • Great birdwatching
  • Visits from curious suni antelope at sunset and star gazing under a clear night sky
  • Excursions to the fabulous spice island of Zanzibar
  • Uninterrupted lazing on a perfect, desert island beach

  • We have just returned from what was a holiday of a lifetime. I can't thank you enough. The organisation was meticulous and made our lives so much easier. When we plan another holiday we'll be sure to speak with Ultimate Travel first.

    HPB, Italy