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Join our Antarctic cruises on board super-yacht, Ocean Diamond – ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Stand in the bows of Ocean Diamond as she glides across the blue-black South Atlantic sea towards the Antarctic and you’ll experience the thrill of anticipation.

Ocean Diamond is a super-yacht with everything that accompanies the title. She’s fast enough to cut the Drake Passage crossing by 12 hours; which could prove a real bonus for less experienced sea-farers. Ocean Diamond has double gangways to save time queuing for Zodiacs, too.

As a super-yacht, she naturally features spacious suites and cabins – all with oceanic views, en suites, TVs and internet facilities. The cuisine is world class. There’s a welcoming bar and a state-of-the-art presentation theatre and Polar Library. Plus a clinic with resident doctor and wellness programme, yoga classes, aromatherapy and massage.

Not to mention a professional photographer, ready to help you capture your memories of Antarctica.

Ocean Diamond, at a glance

  • Super-yacht carrying 189 passengers and 144 staff/crew
  • Ocean views from all suites/cabins
  • Splendid cuisine and bar
  • Theatre & library
  • Wellness/massage/photography programmes
  • Optional camping, kayaking, snowshoe-ing, skiing and hiking excursion

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  • We come back to you because we can rely on you and know that you won't leave us on the other side of the world in the hands of people who don't care!

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