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The word ‘comfort’ isn’t usually associated with Antarctic exploration. Unless you’re sailing aboard the Ocean Endeavour.

Great ice arches, large enough to encompass a cathedral. Ice floes packed with comical birds in dinner jackets, posing as if waiting in line for their suppers. An impassive blue/black sea, made sluggish by the intense cold. A flawless sky punctuated only by soaring white seabirds. Gigantic icebergs drifting silently by like somnambulant ghosts. Cruising to the end of the Earth aboard the Ocean Endeavour is an adventure you will never forget.

You’ll experience an environment like no other. Your photographs – and you will take photographs by the thousand – will capture sculptures in white and blue and creatures that have been shaped for life in the icehouse. Your days will be full of wonder, and discovery, and understanding as the secrets of the frozen continent are revealed. Aboard the Ocean Endeavour – perhaps more than any other polar cruise ship - you’ll find that the journey is also the destination. This small, but purpose-formed, vessel brings new levels of comfort and sophistication to sailing icy waters. As well as thrilling shore activities on the ice, the Endeavour offers quality restaurants, a wellness café, relaxing saunas and wonderful spa facilities. Because even Antarctic explorers deserve a little pampering!

Ocean Endeavour, at a glance

  • Superb Panoramics from the sun deck
  • Accommodating for 199 guests in light and airy single, twin and triple cabins  
  • Private washing facilities, TV and radio
  • Two excellent restaurants and wellness Cafe with juice bar
  • Well equipped gym with saunas and pampering spa
  • Nautical lounge and polar boutique
  • Lecture theater and polar library
  • Zodiac cruising
  • Snowshoeing
  • Kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding
  • Camping

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