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The Hebridean Sky (formerly known as the Sea Explorer) naturally combines cruise liner-style luxury with the thrill of voyaging through the spectacular ice-scapes of Antarctica.

Take your own voyage of discovery around the new Hebridean Sky and you’ll be delighted by her multi-million refurbishment and wide open spaces. This elegant, modern ship has 53 cabins, arranged over four decks, each deck aptly named after a world famous explorer, plus an upper deck with four penthouses, a hot tub giving breath-taking views of the surrounding icy wilderness.

All the cabins are outside, so they present you with an ever-changing procession of outrageously beautiful vistas. But take the precaution of reserving one of the suites with a glass door to your private balcony, and you’ll have an unrivalled platform to view, and photograph, the chill splendour of the Arctic and the Antarctic.

But you won’t be just observing, from a remote distance, enjoy kayaking and Zodiac expeditions onto the ice. Depending on your choice of cruise, you can visit indigenous cultures, trek across glaciers and tundra, view massive icebergs in close up and wonder at the horizon-wide magnificence of Earth’s wildest region. You’ll also have the experience of following in the footsteps of some of the bravest and most determined navigators and explorers who braved these waters in somewhat less luxurious vessels, to make your voyage possible.

Hebridean Sky, at a glance

  • 53 outside cabins, suites and penthouses arranged over five decks
  • State of the art Voss and Blohm stabilisers
  • Some suites have private balconies with sliding glass doors
  • Elegant restaurant and 24 hour drinks
  • Wrap-around sun deck
  • Lounge/presentation room and polar library
  • Exercise centre and polar boutique
  • Ship-to-shore satellite, email and wifi
  • Zodiac cruising and kayaking
  • Hiking and snowshoeing

Click here to download deck plans and specific suite details


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  • I am unable to express sufficiently my thanks and admiration for the constant care and organisation you put into this journey.

    DH, Argentina