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Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge, Ennadai Lake

In case you ever tire of watching the wildlife and the Northern Lights, Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge offers you the chance to go dog-sledding, kite-skiing, lake exploring, kayaking…

They stream past you in a seemingly unending torrent. How many individuals make up this immense herd? Too many to count. Too many even to see and comprehend in a single glance – there are over a third of a million animals in the herd of Qamanirijuaq caribou that thunder across the Canadian Barrenlands surrounding Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge.

But caribou aren’t the only reason for making the lodge part of your luxury, tailor-made holiday to the Arctic. There are grizzly bears and black bears, golden eagles, Arctic wolves and wolverines – all on show close by. And when you’re not watching the wildlife, you’re having a wild time. The resort offers exhilarating activities like dog sledding and snow mobile riding, skiing and kite-skiing – and exploring Ennadai Lake aboard a purpose-built boat.

Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge, at a glance

  • Nunavut five-star resort standing on the shores of Ennadai Lake
  • Treeline setting, 700 kilometres east of Yellowknife
  • Choice of 12 spacious and cosy guest rooms - all with fully equipped, en suite bathrooms
  • Traditionally-inspired post and beam architecture
  • Solar powered and eco-conscious
  • Internet connection in all rooms
  • Satisfyingly hearty meals served in affable surroundings and a menu of specialities including musk ox and Arctic char

For leisure and pleasure

  • Great base for watching the seasonal migration of Qamanirijuaq caribou
  • Observe grizzly bears, black bears, Arctic wolves and wolverines 
  • Bird watching including golden eagles, jaegers and tundra swans
  • Three new 10-seater, ocean class vessels for 100km lake exploration deep into the Arctic Barrenlands
  • Dog sledding and snow-mobile riding
  • Kayaking and boating on the lake
  • World class fishing
  • Cross country skiing and kite-skiing
  • Arctic safaris to see the Northern Lights

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