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Ocean Nova is a small modern cruise ship built specifically to explore the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctic.

Unlike many modern cruise ships, Ocean Nova wasn’t built to accommodate as many passengers as possible. Rather, she was designed to carry a few polar enthusiasts in complete comfort, to the remote parts of the Polar Regions.

So, with her ice-strengthened hull, she is perfect for cruising the Antarctic and Arctic seas.

All her cabins have wide, oceanic views and there is glass-enclosed observation platform that will prove to be your favourite spot, if you’re an avid wildlife photographer. Ocean Nova also features creature comforts like well-equipped presentation theatre, great dining room, bar and library. Plus, of course, a fleet of Zodiacs for close up wildlife observation and excursions ashore.

Be one of the few. Cruise aboard the exclusive Ocean Nova.

Ocean Nova, at a glance

  • Just 72 passengers and 38 staff/crew
  • Choice of single, twin and triple cabins
  • All with en suite facilities
  • Glass encased observatory
  • Dining room and bar
  • Clinic
  • Zodiac shore excursions

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