A short hop from Tahiti. A million miles from everyday life

Where do you go after Tahiti? The volcanic mountains, the dense green rainforests, the immaculate beaches and the picture-postcard-perfect lagoon of Moorea is one beautiful suggestion.

Against some fairly stiff competition, Moorea is judged to be one of the most idyllic islands in the whole of French Polynesia. How does it gather such acclaim? It has volcanic mountains covered with undisturbed rainforest, creating a central haven of peace, astounding island views and a natural habitat for a proliferation of tropical flora and fauna. The edges of the island - dotted by exclusive resorts - are even more spectacular. Pure white sand rings Mooorea, lapped by crystal waters. So if you’re going diving on your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Fiji you’ll come face to face mask with rare turtles, leopard rays and scorpion fish. Coral roses give a protective home to myriad darting fish, whilst above the surface water sports include boating, jet skiing, paragliding, picnics on private motus and aqua scoping. Take a break from the sea and you can visit fascinating places like Belvedere and Cook’s Bay.


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