Taha'a and Raiatea

Underwater gardens, secret archaeological sites and a sacred island

You’ve read about them countless times – and seen them so often in movies – that it’s almost like you know parts of America without ever having visited them. But nothing, not even a 3D movie, prepares you for the astonishing reality.

Take a short boat ride from the underwater gardens and wondrous coral reefs of Raiatea Island, to the fragrant orchid plantations and topaz-toned lagoon of Taha’a Island.

Raiatea Island is known, by the locals, as The Sacred Raiatea and as a visitor you will understand why; standing on one of Raiatea’s magnificent beaches gives you the sensation of being on the edge of paradise itself. Beneath the surface of the sea is even more magical. Divers and snorkelers will find themselves in a three dimensional underwater garden where flowers have been replaced by brightly coloured coral, and visiting bees have become vivid fish and strangely-shaped reef creatures. Meanwhile, just a short hop away by motor launch, lies Raiatea’s sister island – the ‘Vanilla Island’ of Taha’a. Famed as a centre for yachtsmen, catamaran and charter cruises, Taha’a is also an unrivalled destination for divers. You can swim with eels, grey shark, ray, Napoleons and barracuda. Your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Fiji can also include exploring Taha’a by 4x4, visiting orchid plantations, fruit-tasting venues and hidden archaeological sites on the island’s volcanic mountain slopes.

  • Although we bothered Lydia on several occasions over small matters, she was always patient and very helpful. The whole organisation from Heathrow and back was seamless and first class. Game watching on this trip surpassed all that we had seen before in the one trip. Our thanks to Ultimate yet again

    Colin & Wendy Crawford October 2013