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Luxury bear lodges in untamed British Columbia

Observe wild bears in their natural habitat...

Although it’s not uncommon to spot a bear whilst travelling around Canada, it doesn’t compare with the thrilling up-close encounters you get when you stay at a wilderness lodge. You will get to head out into the wilds of Canada accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, and view bears from a safe distance as they forage, hunt and swim.

The rugged wilderness of British Columbia is prime bear watching territory, home to grizzly, black and the elusive ‘spirit’ bear. Our specialists have shortlisted six of their favourite bear-watching lodges in this region. As it is such a popular activity, now is the time to start booking your trip for summer 2018.


Sonora Resort

Stay at Sonora Resort and enjoy the perfect balance of luxury and outdoor adventure. Set against the wild beauty of British Columbia’s West Coast, the property runs Grizzly bear tours between August and October when the bears descend on the Orford River to feed on the spawning salmon. From viewing towers along the riverbank, you’ll have an unrivalled view of the Grizzlies.

Great Bear Lodge

Standing a lake in a remote rainforest, the Great Bear Lodge offers three-night bear watching tours led by a team of experienced and specialist guides. As well as huge brown and black bears, you can also spot grey wolves, otters, mink and bald eagles. It’s one of the most popular lodges so we recommend booking well in advance.

Nimmo Bay

Imagine watching bear cubs playing in a meadow, going salmon fishing by helicopter or seeing a huge whale break the surface of the water. These are all experiences on offer at Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort. It’s an intimate, family-run property with only nine log cabins in 50,000 square miles of untouched wilderness. 

Spirit Bear Lodge

Kermode bears, also known as the ‘spirit bear’, are the rarest of all North American bears and found only in a corner of the Great Bear Rainforest. The Spirit Bear Lodge, whose expert guides have an intimate knowledge of their surroundings, lead guests on an authentic journey in search of these beautiful creatures.

Farewell Harbour

At Farewell Harbour, enthusiastic guides take guests on daily adventures deep into the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest where encounters with grizzlies and black bears are common. On bear viewing excursions, small Zodiac boats will bring you within close range of bears foraging by the river or in the estuaries.

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

For award-winning grizzly bear viewing that engages all the senses, look no further than Tweedsmuir Park Lodge. Located in the Bella Coola Valley on the edge of the Great Bear Rainforest, you can observe bears by floating down the river, on foot, or get a bird’s-eye view from wildlife viewing platforms. You might even see bears napping on the lodge’s lawn.