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New e-visa for India

Travel to India has just got easier!  All British nationals can now apply for e-tourist visas online and no longer have to visit one of the Visa Application Centres.

This is very welcome news, but there are certain restrictions (which we will of course let you know about) and the online process is not without its issues. A client of ours was kind enough to provide these useful (and also humorous!) pointers:

  • Allow several hours, and have pen and paper handy as you have to write down a reference number.
  • Make sure you have a good computer, and know where you and your parents were born - the town and the country.  Do not put Azerbaijan by mistake as we did.
  • Watch out for slightly hidden questions, some of which - "have you ever been refused an Indian visa," for example - are already ticked 'yes' as the default position.
  • Be prepared for the payment not to go through and everything to be wiped off.
  • Have a large drink ready for when you finish!

For more information or to check whether your eligible, visit Indian Visa Online or apply for your e-visa here.