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Maquenque Eco-Lodge, Boca Tapada

On the shores of the San Carlos river is the Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge, home to Maquenque Eco-Lodge. Surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, the lodge’s 68 acres of land is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna, which guests can discover with local guides from the area.

Maquenque Eco-Lodge is in the north-east of the country, close to the border with Nicaragua. The closest town is Boca Tapada, but the lodge has a wonderfully remote position and is is reached only by boat, across the San Carlos river.

Guests stay in one of the fifteen brick bungalows, each named after the different tropical birds found in the area. All the bungalows have hot water, a private bathroom, a ceiling fan and private balcony. They're spacious and overlook the lagoon, which is the perfect place to watch Spectacled Caiman as they laze by the water. For those looking for something special, you can stay in one of the 'Treehouses' - bungalows 12m high, with their own private balcony. 

Meals are eaten in the main lodge, which is the focal point for the property. It overlooks the lagoon and it's not unusual to be accompanied by a toucan as you eat breakfast. It's here where you will also find the bar and where activities can be organised. It is also the only part of the lodge where there is Wi-Fi.

Maquenque Eco-Lodge offer a variety of activities, including nature walks in the jungle, canoeing on the lagoon and specialist bird watching activities (over 592 species have been identified in the area!). They can also organise boat trips up and down the river, in search of larger mammals in the trees and in the water. Nocturnal activities are also available, which are an ideal time to see alligators, frogs, nocturnal birds, snakes, and spiders. Up the river is the small village of Boca San Carlos, where guests can spend the morning meeting the locals who spend their life in the jungle. The boat journey to Boca San Carlos is an excellent opportunity to see crocodiles, tortoise, bats, herons, kingfishers and king vultures too.

After a morning of activities, guests can continue to explore the tropical grounds or relax in the refreshing swimming pool. There is also the opportunity to plant a tree to remember your stay - something Maquenque Eco-Lodge invite all guests to do, and is part of their many  sustainable tourism efforts.

Maquenque Eco-Lodge is the ideal spot for nature lovers and those looking to get off the beaten path and away from the more well known national parks and nature reserves in Costa Rica.

Maquenque Eco-Lodge, at a glance

  • Family run eco-lodge in its own 68 acre reserve
  • Only 15 bungalows, each with hot water and private bathrooms
  • Surrounded by tropical rainforest and more than 592 species of birds
  • Remote part of Costa Rica and off the main 'tourist track'
  • Refreshing swimming pool
  • Restaurant offering delicious local cuisine (70% of ingredients come from Maquenque Eco-Lodge's own organic garden and orchard)
  • Committed to social projection and promotion of environmental sustainability

For leisure and pleasure

  • Variety of guided and self-guided activities available which can be booked in advance or locally
  • 68 acres of tropical rainforest to explore
  • Night walks and early morning bird watching activities (the area is home to the Great Green Macaw and Scarlet Macaw)
  • Kayaking on the river and lagoon
  • Boat trips to the nearby village of Boca San Carlos

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