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Cuba has a tropical climate with two clear-cut seasons. The dry season, which runs from December to May, is a superb time to travel with long, sunny days and wonderfully blue skies. With the hot weather making for ideal beach conditions, this is a fantastic opportunity to explore the country’s gorgeous Caribbean coastline.

The wet season starts in June and July, however heavy rains are not expected until around August. What you can expect however is an increase in temperature, particularly in Santiago and the capital Havana. August to October, Cuba’s wettest and most humid period, also sees a higher chance of hurricanes and tropical storms.

Traditionally visitors would avoid these months, but in recent years more and more people are braving the unpredictable weather of the wet season in order to experience the country’s authentic culture before any outside influence sets in. Rain rarely lasts for very long in Cuba, so it needn’t have a massive impact on your holiday plans.

With travel to Cuba becoming increasingly popular it is important to book your holiday well in advance, especially if you want to visit during the dry season.