an exquisitely preserved colonial town

Take a walk around the old streets of Trinidad and you’ll find yourself taking a step back in time. Home to shady plazas, multi-coloured houses and quaint churches, this exquisitely preserved colonial town is a real gem.

Founded in the early 1500s by Spanish conquistadors, today Trinidad is one of Cuba’s most photogenic towns with its twisting, cobbled lanes and collection of pastel-hued colonial houses. Lying undeveloped for many years, life in modern-day Trinidad moves at a slow place, complete with horse drawn carts and traditional markets.

The wealth amassed by landowners during the booming sugar industry in the 19th century is reflected in the rich colonial architecture that fills the town’s centre. You can go on a walking tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site with a knowledgeable guide by your side, and even visit the local sugar plantations, manor houses and slaves’ quarters to gain a deeper insight into the region’s complex history.

In addition to historic relics, Trinidad has warm, welcoming locals, a fun nightlife and a range of restaurants and bars. What’s more, you’ll find blissful Caribbean beaches and a welcoming sea just a stone’s throw away on Playa Ancon.

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