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Top 8 things to do in Nicaragua

The Ultimate Travel Company brings you the top 8 things to do in Nicaragua, including Mombacho Volcano and Leon City. Visit our site today for more information.

Nicaragua doesn’t merely invite you to down-tune, de-stress and lay back – it insists. Life here, you’ll think as your horse-drawn carriage clip clops its way round the tiny cobbled streets of Granada, is conducted at a very different speed. And if you imagine this is laid back, wait until you sail over to the islands.

Of course, if you’re determined, there are things to do. Hiking up volcanoes, zip lining, surfing, clubbing for the energetic. Fabulous spa treatments for the self-indulgent.

Here are our expert consultants’ favourite reasons for visiting Nicaragua.

Top 8 things to do in Nicaragua
  • Ayesha was patient and informative. Her skills became even more apparent on the holiday - such as the order of the hotels, which were each perfect for that moment.

    S and RD, Bhutan