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Generally, the best time to travel to China is during the spring and autumn when the weather is pleasantly mild and dry. Winters can be extremely cold whilst the summers are hot, humid and wet. That said, due to its enormous size and varying weather patterns China can be visited throughout the seasons.

To experience western China’s bustling local markets and blossoming trees, the ideal time to visit is between April and October. For those interested in heading into the mountains or across the high passes, we recommend June to August when there is an abundance of alpine flowers particularly in the Yunnan province. Hiking and trekking conditions are also perfect at this time of year. By June, the climate begins to get very hot and humid, whilst the rains produce a lush green landscape.

In September temperature and humidity levels will have dropped – a wonderful opportunity to travel along the Silk Route – whilst November sees beautiful autumn colours, cooler temperatures and clear skies. There is a chance of snow in the north and the main sites of Beijing are generally quieter. Chinese New Year usually takes place in late January or early February, and travelling can be extremely busy at this time so early planning is a must.