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China Luxury Highlights

Treat yourself to a spectacular inside view of the wonderfully mysterious, cultured land that is China.

For centuries the Great Wall allowed China to slumber in splendid isolation; a sleeping dragon, unknown to the majority of Westerners. Today, you can still glimpse the enigmatic mystery of ancient China in its art, its palaces, its hauntingly beautiful rural landscapes and painterly water scenes. You can cruise along mist-laden rivers, past towering mountain islands. You can watch fishermen and their cormorants at work. You can meet warriors from another age, preserved for all time in terra cotta. In short, you can embark upon a journey you’ll never forget.

There are umpteen reasons for visiting China. Here are our expert consultants’ favourites.

Top 10 things to do in China
  • Ultimate Travel yet again gave us the holiday of a lifetime - thank you

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