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AltaGracia, Perez Zeledon

The fresh mountain air, the clear streams tinkling and twinkling their way downhill, the stunning scenery that confronts you at every turn. These are just some of the uplifting aspects of staying AltaGracia. Make this boutique hacienda one of the stops on your luxury, tailor-made tour of Costa Rica and you’ll discover plenty more. You’ll stay in an individual casita with massive panoramic views, a wood and leather accented décor and all the comforts of an international hotel.

And then there is the experience itself. You can choose to soar like a condor in an ultra-light, over cascading waterfalls and plunging valleys. You can go horse riding at sunset, tour a coffee plantation, or explore a wildlife refuge. Or indulge in AltaGracia’s fabulous spa and dining opportunities.

AltoGracia, at a glance

  • Choice of 50 private casitas scattered over the top of Perez Zeledon Mountain
  • Cassitas typically accommodate between two or four guests in complete luxury
  • Typically they feature king-sized or queen beds, viewing terraces or patios, designer en suite bathrooms, leather and wood décor themes and huge picture windows
  • All have jaw-dropping views, many have drawing rooms, fireplaces or loft-style common areas
  • Choice of three creative dining options

For leisure and pleasure

  • Indulge in an elegant spa and take the AltaGracia Fitness Journey
  • Tour the historic and vibrant city of San Isidro
  • Explore the wonderfully rich Los Cusingos Wildlife Refuge
  • Try the Santa Maria, Santa Teresa or AltaGracia Picadero horse riding experiences
  • Take the Cedral Coffee Tour
  • Fly in an ultra-light over waterfalls, the Whale Tail or San Isidro Del General Valley
  • The company is by far the best we have ever used... In fact, wherever we have travelled we have made a specific point of mentioning the company to anyone we meet.

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