Uncover some of the most breathtaking scenery in Europe at the same time as experiencing the Northern Lights

Make your escape to the glittering north – and find yourself in a fairytale land of soaring mountains, immense fjords and Viking cities. Where the sun shines at midnight and cosmic particles illuminate the winter’s sky.

You stand on the glacier and attempt to peer deep into the blue ice. Is there really a prehistoric whale clasped in its icy depths? Or is that just local legend? If there was one country on Earth where you could imagine finding something as magical as a 60 million year old, petrified denizen of prehistory, Norway is that place.

Cruise the Norway Fjords and you won’t be able to believe your eyes, either. Sheer cliffs scream vertically out of the black water, soaring towards the sky as if racing to heaven. Dazzling white in winter, deep green under the midnight sun of summer and a complete medley of reds, golds and oranges in the soft light of autumn. Sail north and eventually you’ll be in the realm of the Northern Lights – one of nature’s most astounding spectacles.

Talk Norway with Jo Abbott, one of our Europe consultants, and she’ll suggest a visit to the Arctic City of Tromsoe, as well as exploring Oslo. Highly recommended is the capital city’s Viking Longboat Museum (did they really cross the Atlantic in that???). Jo also recommends NOT sampling Rakfisk – it’s raw fish, fermented into jellified paste…and tastes like it.

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