Time and space to yourselves. Plus a range of exotic and totally unforgettable experiences – from rain forest exploration to visiting Mayan and Aztec ruins. That’s a Latin American honeymoon.

The Spanish and the Portuguese explored deep into the South American continent. They left behind jumbled cities and centuries-old towns full of fading colonial buildings that carry the romance of their period in their soft colours, time-stained stucco and florid ornamentation. Watching the local swirl from a town square café is definitely a honeymoon moment. But it isn’t the only one Latin America has to offer. The two of you can trek through rain forests together, sharing the experience of discovering the natural wildlife and the bizarre flora. You can voyage across impressively wide grasslands to vineyards where you can sample local wines that never reach Europe. Or stand, open-mouthed before the ruined temples, palaces, even towns of long-lost civilisations. Or take time out from travelling and simply laze on some of the world’s best beaches.