The sun-lovers’ honeymoon. A castaway beach on a far flung Pacific island. The appeal of being Robinson Crusoe, but with the barefoot luxuries of a beachside resort and wonderful food.

Close your eyes and imagine doing nothing but spending time with each other on a deserted beach, fine white sand trickling between your toes, listening to the palm trees whispering. Sound like an idyllic setting for your honeymoon? You’ve just imagined yourself in the South Pacific, in an archipelago with almost as many islands as there are inhabitants, far from the clamour of cities and offices, supermarkets and traffic. Beside you, your partner is stretching out in the sun, whilst in front of you is a lagoon that changes imperceptibly from a pale turquoise to a deep ultramarine blue as it gains depth. There are hundreds of islands in the South Pacific, many of them barely visible on the map. But some of them offering you unexpected luxury as well as the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable South Pacific honeymoon.